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Intel’s Choir Sings 12 Days of Christmas![Intel Christmas Song]


LMAO, here’s a bunch of Intel employees singing their own version of “12 Days of Christmas”.

Good performance or bad?

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[How Do They] Make Computer Chips (Silicon Wafers)?


(Image Credit)

Have you ever wondered what computers chips are made from?  If you don’t know, you might be rather surprised to learn how they make computer chips or the semiconductors they call it.

Computer chips are made from silicon wafers.  Silicon wafers are

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Good Sites for Checking CPU Benchmarks!

Recently, I have been in the search of a new computer or laptop that would let me HD videos better plus render them faster.

In the search, I have found some great resourceful sites for checking CPU benchmarks/performances, some of these include rendering benchmarks so they might help you if you are stuck between choosing an Intel Core Dual 2 or a Intel Core Dual 2 ULV.

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Do you like to tinker with your computer a lot like me?  Well, you can make yourself a DIY CPU Desk like the guys over at Evil Mad Scientists did.  Way cool. (via bed blog)

I just love the way that this desk looks. But it gives me an idea too– take it one step further, and what if it worked? You could use a single, giant PCB for the motherboard which sat underne

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CPU Hack – How to your Control your Computer/Laptop CPU Speed!


Recently, I fixed my old HP laptop that had a CPU overheating problem.  I even replaced the CPU fan with a new one but still, the HP laptop keeps freezing because the AMD Turion 64 CPU on it was simply poorly designed as far as heating problems were concerned.

However I did find a great free software that solved my problems and also helps on desktop PCs too.  This might be the best free tool ever for Windows XP/Vista users yet.

The free CPU management software is called Notebook Hardware Control (NHC).  It runs

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Computer DIY – How to Clean Your CPU Fans!


Today, I decided to clean my desktop computer’s CPU fans since my computer kept slowing down a lot lately.  I knew it probably was due to my CPU fans collecting with dust as I have been using this desktop PC for about 2 years without any cleaning.

To my surprise, I found that it was indeed my CPU fans that weren’t working at all as the metal fins have been all stuck with large collection of dust.  You can see later in this DIY how dirty my CPU fan was…

So, here’s how to clean your CPU fans. (This is for most desktop PCs.)

1) First, you will nee

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Amazon Hack – Kindle 2 Hacked to Run Ubuntu Linux!


It looks like Jesse Vincent has hacked an Amazon Kindle 2 to run a custom version of Ubuntu Linux! Well, the Kindle 2 does run on ARM, there’s a lot of linux software out there that’s running on ARM including the Palm Pre but this is pretty amazing indeed.

I could not find any further details on how to accomplish this but I can say one thing, if you can make use of Kindle 2’s EDVO connection, you might just have hacked a “free” per-say, linux computer that uses very litt

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Laptop DIY – How to Fix Your Laptop!

99% of most laptop problems are caused by your CPU cooling fans (these are the metal thingees that are next to your CPU) being blocked by dust.  Most of the time, 6 months of everyday use will cause enough dust to collect in your cooling fans, which will either make your laptop run really slow or simply freeze up.

When dust collects in your cooling fans, your CPU fan will no longer work with you but actually against you, building heat on your laptop’s CPU, causing all kinds of havoc among frozen screens and boot up problems.

But don’t worry, it’s very easy t

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Laptop DIY – How to Clean Your Laptop CPU Fans!


The #1 cause for laptop failures are the CPU fan grills filling up with dust and making your fans no longer operable.  Once you start hearing extra “fan sounds” in your laptop, it probably means your CPU fans are stuck with dust and it’s time to clean them.  If you don’t, your CPU will overheat and the laptop will ultimately give you the blue screen of death now and then.

But it’s not too hard to clean your laptop CPU fans, the hard part is just getting to it depending on the brand.

HP laptops in general have horrible fan-grill designs, I have p

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AMD Phenom II Overclocked to 6.89Ghz with Liquid Nitrogen!


LMAO, it looks like people at AMD have invited the best overclockers in the world to test out the AMD Phenom II CPU limits with liquid nitrogen, they did reach a maximum of 6.89Ghz, what a FEAT!

Located in the heart of Texas, the city of Austin is known for many things. Nicknamed Silicon Hills, the state capital accommodates an army of tech companies including the one and only Advanced Micro Devices, better known as AMD. From May 20th to the 22nd, AMD brought in some of th

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