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QWERTY Keyboard Bike Grips!


Here’s the most facinating find of the day, QWERTY-keyboard bike grips!  Too bad, it looks like the keyboard is actually not QWERTY but spelling out Aaron Ross. (via wired)

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Laptop/Netbook Cleaning Kit!


If you have been keeping up with our blog, you are probably very knowledgeable on the fact that your computer keyboard is about 5 times dirtier than your toilet.

Of course, there’s a “washable” keyboard you can buy too.   Your laptop/netbook keyboard unfortunately, won’t be washable and here’s a perfect cleaning kit for that and more.  This

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Keyboard Hack – How to Make DIY Keyboard Shorts!


This has to be the most interesting blogger-wear ever I’ve seen in the last few years, DIY keyboard shorts that will let you keep blogging away with your legs up, no keyboard to balance on your thighs.

I definitely need one of these for lazier blogging…

Today was Fashion Hacking day with Diana Eng at NYC Resistor and I’ve wanted to make these keyboard pants for a long time. The basic idea was to take a flexible silicone keyboard and somehow integrate it with some pants (or shorts). I had they

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Giant Keyboard and Mouse in China!!!


You thought it wasn’t possible right?  Well, China has been secretly building these giant computers evidenced by this giant keyboard and this giant mouse.  These certainly are the biggest and heaviest computer parts I’ve seen so far in the modern ages…

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Stylish Computer Keyboard Bag!


If you have a girlfriend who’s job is like in the IT department at Yahoo or something, you might want to consider getting her one of these really nifty and stylish computer keyboard bags that comes all feathered up in colored keyboard pieces.  Of course, I don’t think this is for sale as of now but it might be in the near future.

How can you defy the logics of science and technology with a stylish bag? Of course, with this computer keyboard bag that packs a tons of style and gee

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DIY Jailbroken iPhone Keyboard!



Here’s a really cool DIY “jailbroke” iPhone keyboard someone mustered up using IR, I guess anything is possible when you start hackin’ it.   Simply nicely done guys.

Expanding on their audio port modem , PerceptDev engineers

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Firefox Hack – How to Save Time with Firefox Shortcuts!

Well, I have been using Firefox for couple years now and even me, I do tend to forget some of the Firefox shortcuts.

By learning the Firefox shortcuts, it can dramatically improve your work/play productivity time so you can do other things like go play golf or ride a motorcycle.

Anyways, here’s a reminder that there are Firefox shortcuts and you should use them:

If you have enabled Emacs-style text editing shortcuts in GNOME, they will also work in Firefox. When an Emacs text edi

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Google Hack – How to Search Google Without Copy And Paste!


The guys over at Lifehacker have done a marvelous job of eliminating copy & pasting keyword searches.  Whether you are on your MS Word or any other application, you can use AutoHotKey to eliminate the “paste” part when you want to search for something.

Sincerely, Tired of Copy/Paste

Dear Tired of Copy/Paste,

Using the AutoHotkey scripting language we can throw together a tiny script that assigns the Ctrl+Shift+C shortcut key combination to automate cop

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IKEA Hack – How to Make Stylish Keyboard Storage using Magazine Holders!


Here’s a great way to make a cheap keyboard storage (or you can store files too) using magazine holders.  This will be a good way to save space as you can “drill” the magazine holders onto the side or any part of your desk/furniture.  Heck, I might even add couple of these to my wall, that’d really give me more storage!

This Instructable is a ste

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Fast Finger Keyboard for Baby, Kids, and all 1-finger Keyboard Peckers!


Fast Finger Keyboard brings you the most revolutionary keyboard I have ever seen, featuring letters in a chronological order.

Why didn’t I think of this earlier?

This keyboard is recommended (personally by me Max ahem!) to any babies, kids, or all you 1-finger keyboard peckers.

A.B.C.D.E.F.G, well, the ABC song here that you can “train” with the Fast Finger Keyboard.

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