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How to Make DIY Animated LED Glasses!


As soon as I saw these DIY animated LED glasses, I knew this is one of the coolest glasses I would ever get to wear.  From reading the instructions, it seems pretty easy to make, based on PixAxe microcontrollers, meaning you can program it in BASIC language.

I think the important thing here is that the idea of putting LEDs on the glasses (and taking it to music shows according to the author) that’s genius at hand.

Kudos, freakin’ love this.

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DIY Credit Card Reader Mozart Music Maker!


Steve Chamberlin has created an awesome DIY credit card reader that plays mozart music when you swipe any kind of credit card. He reverse engineered the Z-80 computer inside the credit card reader and let it play some mozart music based on Melisma Stochastic Melody Generator. This is a pretty nifty idea I think, perhaps has a lot more uses to it than just playing music, could be applied to membership cards, pe

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DIY Book Xylophone!


What do you think will happen when you use books (yes real books, not e-books) as hitting pad for a xylophone?

You get a DIY Book Xylophone, capable of auto-playing tunes and also giving you pleasure of thumping/punishing your old hack books you’ve already read a thousand times.

A guy in Japan made this, very interesting read although Google Translate isn’t working all that perfectly.

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How to Build a DIY LM555 Digital Adding Machine!


Here’s an incredible DIY LM555 Adding Machine that Alan Yates built, it can do adding and subtraction using method of complement numbers.  This is like a digital version of old Adding machines people used to use back in the day.

The device was built with experimentation and modular testing in mind. Each decade ring is independently resetable a

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How to Make Non-Toxic DIY Etching Solution!


Etching solution is probably more well known as solution containing Iron(III) Chloride.  This Iron (III) Chloride is probably very bad for our environment (it is) or toxic plus very acidic. (See Wikipedia here for more info.)

If you have kids in your house and you like to etch your own PCBs, having too much of this toxic, etching solution is probably not a smart idea nor is it great for the environment everytime you wash it down the toilet (or sink).

Now, there’s a better, environment

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DIY Electronic Magic 8-Ball!


Remember those “magic” 8-balls you used to do in college? No, I am not talking about that one but the one that tells your future. I am sure many of you have played with it now there’s a DIY guide on how to make your own DIY electronic magic 8-ball!

For about a week now I have been staring at a cellphone charger my friend Caitlin gave me to repair after she had loaned it to some chimpanzees for apparent durability testing. I was debating on whether I had put the repair off long enough, when, with no humans in earshot to ask, I figured I would build a Magic

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DIY Remote Controlled, Dimmable LED Lamp!


Want to impress your friends when they are hanging out in your livingroom, perhaps watching football or basketball?

Build yourself one of these nifty DIY remote-controlled and dimmable LED lamps, it will probably also drive your cat nuts! (Watch video after the break.)

via hackaday, Project Page

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DIY Scanning Electron Microscope!


If you ever want to get down to the nitty, gritty details on stuff (perhaps small ants), you probably wouldn’t need a DIY scanning electron microscope but that’s exactly what this guy did.  Watch the video demo of his DIY scanning electron microscope after the break:

And below is an example of ant being scanned on an electron microscope:

via hackedgadgets,

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LED Craft Hack – How to Make a LED Blanket!


You know kids love playing in a blanket with flashlights, at least I remember doing so playing ghost and monster all night long. Well, what if you can add some LEDs to a quilted blanket? This would make some awesome present for your kids or perhaps a good blanket to carry with you in the dark.

How to make this LED blanket? Check out the video of the LED blank below then hit up the source link for all godly-details on how to make your own LED blanket.

via make,

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LED DIY -How to Make Stair LED Lighting!


Still using wasteful halogen lights or even energy saving bulbs for your dark stairway?  The way to go is really LEDs nowadays, energy-efficient plus not to mention complete safety from fire hazards.

You can pick up a DIY stair LED lighting kit and make yourself one of these automatic DIY

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