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DIY Equinox LED Clock!


When it comes to LED clocks these days, it’s not only about functionality and features but also about design. In this case, the DIY Equinox LED Clock has a good mix of both, I would seriously want to have one of these in my living room (and yes proud).

The clock is equipped with 60 RGB leds making any color palette possible. In this version of the software the color

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Flash Hack – How to Remote Control your Manual DSLR Flash!


For those of you who want to remote control your manual DSLR flash, there’s an easy circuit you can make and control the intensity of the flash and the flash itself with a remote control.

I know the DSLR world charges a ton of money for simple stuff life this, here’s how you can beat that world and do it yourself.

For me, an ideal strobist flash would be

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NES Hack – DIY “Android” NES Controller!


This guy has hacked an NES controller with Arduino and bluetooth module so he can use it “wirelessly” with his HTC Evo 4G. Pretty cool hack!  He even demonstrates the hacked NES controller working with NES emulator, priceless.

See video of it in action after the jump!

Since I’m using an EVO with HTC Sense I can’t use a Wii Remote (they horked the bluetooth stack). This is a project I did using an Arduino and a Bluesmirf bluetooth module so I could control my NES emulator on my EVO with an NES controller. I picked up the connector and controll

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DIY Meat Smoker that SMS Texts your CellPhone!


Here’s another fabulous idea for making your cooking easier and more precise, a DIY meat smoker that SMS texts your cellphone when the meat reaches a certain temperature, all monitored by a PID controller.

This might actually work pretty well for BBQ grills too.

One day, I promise all of you to make one and tell you how to make it too.

Peter Rauch used a proportional-integral-differential (PID) controller that modulates electrical power to a heating element to create a home-built electronic meat smoker. A touch-screen display let him manage the controller

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DIY DSLR Sound Trigger with Camera Flash!


I’ve had my Canon 7D DSLR camera for almost a year now and still love the wonderful high-resolution photos and 1080P HD videos I can take.   For those of you who want to go farther into DSLR world and high speed photography, you might be interested in this guy’s DIY DSLR sound trigger that will allow you to take shots right when it happens.

Take a look at this video and you will see what I mean:

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DIY Globe Levitates AND Does Tilted Rotation!


It’s true that earth rotates at a tilted axis and part of the reason why we have different seasons.  Well, one man has gone where no one has gone before, he made a DIY globe that levitates AND does tilted rotation, all with inductive power to the globe power motor.

This is one helluva, impressive globe and I hope we can buy one of these in the next few years instead all that other crap people have been buying.

There are many globes available today which are levitating and rotating along vertical axis. This one is the world first globe levitating and rotating alo

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Giant DIY POV Clock!


Wanna impress your friends with the latest gadget you made using LEDs, microcontroller, and over 3000+ lines of code you wrote for months?

Check out this giant DIY POV clock, it’s a fully functional clock that’s all in POV.  Pretty damn impressive if you ask me.

It is a POV propeller clock and it just might be the best one yet! Firmware is written in Bascom-AVR and consists of around 3000 lines of code. The power between the motor and the rotating electronics is transferred wirelessly

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Zippo Hack – How to Make Portable Zippo Lighter Alarm!


Imagine you were James Bond, an international spy who must always be keeping an eye on intruders.  You are at a secret location and you need to be able to tell if someone is at the front door, you can get a bunch of these portable Zippo lighter alarms placed at where you need to be alerted.

Hey, maybe it’s still useful if you are not a spy, you can use it to tell when your cat walks through the cat door too.

via hackedgadgets,

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Battery DIY – How to Make Lemon-Powered Flashlight!


We’ve seen a plenty of weird batteries/gadgets, including lemon-powered batteries, potato-powered MP3 Player, candle-powered batteries, vibration-powered batteries,

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DIY USB Charger Kit for iPhone 4!


For those of you who have iPhone 4 (or any other iPhones) and you want to make a portable USB charger, here’s the MintyBoost USB Charger Kit you can use from MakerShed.

Works with the new iPhone 4 and more! Build your own MintyBoost: a small and simple (but very powerful and very MAKE-like) USB charger for your iPod or other MP3 player, your camera, cellphone, and any other gadget you can plug into a USB port to charge. Mint tin not included. See more details ta

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