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How to Make a Tree Climbing Arduino Robot!


Here’s the coolest robot of the week you can build, a tree climbing Arduino robot!  I love this idea and would like to take the concept further by adding some wireless cameras so I can snoop on the baby birds hatching. See Instructables for full instructions on how to make one yourself.

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DIY Doggy Style Persistence of Vision!


POV or Persistence of Vision where you use flashing LED lights to display letters in motion, has always been a fun way to learn about LEDs and circuits.   You might remember I invented the world’s first Golf club POV, which was capable of showing letters/images while you swing the golf club.

Well, there’s a DIY Doggy Style (literally doggy dog) POV someone has managed to put together with his furry little helper helping him in pitch darkness.

Mounting 5 LEDs on a moving

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DIY Android/Arduino-Controlled Labyrinth/Maze!


We are gonna be seeing a slew of great Android-controlled Arduino applications, these things are about to explode soon and here’s another great application showing control of a physical labyrinth/maze with a Nexus One Android smartphone:

Inspired by the ball maze at Google I/O 2011, I decided to go and raid my parents’ house for the ball maze I grew up with. When I found it the challenge was set: I had one night to develop the hardware and software to control the maze using my Google Nexus One, using only what I could find in my (sadly very small and limit

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DIY Disco Android Syncs to Android Tablet Music


I’ve just received my first Arduino Uno, my first Arduino, and so excited that I will probably making some fun projects again, all controlled by an Android smartphone or tablet like these DIY Disco Androids that sync to music created by an Android tablet:

via make

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DSLR Hack – How to Make a Long-Range DIY DSLR Video Trigger!


DSLR videography has literally exploded in the last couple years and I am a huge fan (you can read up on my DSLR videography recommendations here); here’s a great hack that can let you trigger video on your Canon DSLR by hacking the IR controller with Arduino so you can turn the video on/off from up to 150-300 feet range.

I had a problem that I needed to solve:

Remotely and

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Google’s SKPR Hexapod Robot and Androids in Space!


I’ve been going to Maker Faire almost every year (except this one) and Google went big this year and launched their first Maker Faire booth, exhibiting cool stuff like their SKPR Hexpad Robot and Nexus S phones launched into space with balloons.

What excites me the most is the conversion of Android and Arduino, which brings

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Arduino Hack – How to Make an I2C Sniffer!


I2C is a great way to connect multiple devices for simple networking communication.  Of course, because I2C is not encrypted, others can easily read the info by using an I2C sniffer.

If you want to make such an I2C sniffer, there’s a great guide with source code for Arduino but come to think of it, I can’t really think of any uses for this right now(I know it will hit me after I write this blog post) but it can help you learn more about Arduino and I2C. (

You can adjust the capture windo

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DIY Shower Timer!


Here’s an interesting project that uses Arduino and RFID to measure how long you spend in the shower.  Instead of using a water-flow sensor (which would be overkill), Paul Asselin has made a simple RFID waving feature to tell the sensor when he starts/stops showering.  I think this is a neat idea because you could probably just install the RFID on the shower door to detect when you get in the shower and out.

I chose to use an Arduino because it’s my favorite platf

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LED DIY – How to Make an Animated LED Brick Wall!


Here’s just a simply awesome LED DIY project you can do for your home and impress your friends, learn how to make an animated LED brick wall! This system uses Arduino, I2C protocol, and PC application to control it. This would be wonderful if you could control it with your Android phone.

The total of 121 BlinkM’s are divided into 2 blocks: 1 block of 6 horizontal ‘strands’, and 1 block of 5 horizontal ‘str

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Android Arduino!


The big news this week from Google’s IO Conference in San Francisco is that Google will be pushing for the development of Android Arduino, inviting all Arduino developers all over the world to utilize the power of Android with Arduino.

I think this is going to be great and I will personally be making some Android Arduino hacks soon so watch out for that.

You can read more about the Android Open Accessory Kit.

The Android 3.1 platform (also backported to Android 2.3.4) int

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