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Droid 2 Launch Date – August 12th!


For those of you who have been waiting for the Droid 2 launch, you might be pretty happy to learn that Droid 2 is coming this August 12th.  In fact, that’s only 5 days away.  This will become the first Verizon smartphone to launch with Android 2.2 Froyo and also the fastest smartphone on Verizon with a QWERTY keyboard.

What do we think?  It’s certainly going to be the next “Droid” upgrade for those of you who prefer a smaller screen at 3.7″.

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Droid Hacks – DIY Motorola Droid Lego Mindstorm Robot Solves 7x7x7 Rubik’s Cube!



Wow, with Droid X out now (which is faster than the original Motorola Droid), it’s shocking to me that the Moto Droid can solve a 7x7x7 rubik’s cube, being used as the brain while Lego Mindstorm does the rest.

Yes, Droid still does.

ARM Powered MultiCuber 777 solves V-CUBE 7 Featuring an Android Application on a DROID by MOTOROLA smartphone with a LEGO Mindstorms NXT Robot


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Droid X Saga Continues and Droid X is Here!


Verizon caps out their sellout launch event of Droid X (yes, they are really sold out, it’s that popular) with a cool “Droid X is Here” TV commercial that seems to me more like a movie preview of Terminator.

Anyhow, Droid X is really here now, and many including folks at ZDNet think it’s the best smartphone right now.

via droid x

… Droid saga continues … with Droid X &

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Droid X Silicone Cases!


For those of you getting Droid X this Thursday, you can actually order Droid X Silicone Cases right now as they are available on Amazon.  I would get these over retail and save a couple bucks.  I have the same one for my HTC Evo 4G, and I have to tell you these are really good

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Droid X vs. HTC Evo 4G [The Biggest Loser?]


Droid X versus HTC Evo 4G, who’s the biggest loser?

Let’s find out, who is the real beast of smartphones!

Here’s Evo 4G on the left versus Droid X on the right from the side with the top of the phones pointing left.  You can see that the Evo 4G sorta sits balanced while the Evo 4G has a gap.

Here’s Droid X on the left versus Evo 4G on the right with bottom of each phone facing the camera.  You can clearly tell the the Droid X is much thinner.

Here’s Droid X on the left versus Evo 4G on the right with the top

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Droid X Review!


For some of you who have been waiting for Droid X, I’ve got some good news for you, that Droid X is just freakin’ AWESOME!

I hate to be so blunt about it but for the last 7 hours of playing with my new Droid X review unit, I think most people who touch the Droid X will simply love it.

The first thing I noticed about the Droid X was that it feels lighter than the HTC Evo 4G in your hands.   Other than that, there’s some things Droid X can do that my Evo 4G can’t such as breathtaking p

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Droid X Now Officially Official!


Droid X is now officially “official” as Verizon has put up a website about the new Droid X.

For those of you who failed to order an iPhone 4 (and probably won’t get one for another couple months), you might want to reconsider as Droid X comes with superior specs than any other smartphone we have seen so far plus consider the “non-dropped” calls you’d get on Verizon with “unlimited” data plans.

Yup, Droid does.

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Droid X versus iPhone 4?

For those of you who have learnt about the fact that Verizon will be launching Droid X next month, you might want to read up on why Droid X is better than iPhone 4 before you start giving your hard-earned money to Apple, who is obviously a running a bit late in the race for the best smartphones in the world.

Droid X comes with 4.4-inch screen at 854×480 pixels while iPhone 4 comes with 3.5-inch screen at 960×640 pixels. For most people, they will certainly prefer the larger 4.4-inch screen that the Droid X provides plus the larger margin of error for the multi-touch keyboard. I kno

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Droid X Hands-on Review!


Looks like the folks at Engadget were luck enough to receive a demo unit from Verizon/Motorola for the new Droid X.

There’s a bunch of photos/videos showing you this Droid X is going to be rather incredible.  (and yup, looks like I am gonna shell out another couple hundred bucks on a new smartphone, well will it stop?!?)

First Impressions

It looks pretty darn slick, especially with Motorola behind the Droid X, I think this phone will be HUGE for Verizon. The Droid X will comes with a whopping 4.4-inch, 854 x 480-resolution screen, which could potentially be rig

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Droid 2 and Droid X Confirmed!


Droid 2 and Droid X are official, we’ve got spy shots of the new commercial script thanks to DroidLife.

Although we have only seen Droid X spy shots so far, it seems like Droid 2 will be a smaller version while the Droid X has the larger 4.3-inch screen.

This is exciting!

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