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Zedomax is a blog about Android, Tech and more!

What is the meaning of Zedomax?

Zedomax is just a name Max created when he was 9 years old. (about 20+ years ago…)

Although Zedomax has been in hibernation for about 20+ years of Max’s life, the name has come back to haunt him as a dot com blog.

History of Zedomax?

Here’s the original logo of Zedomax Max created when he was 9 years old, a “ghost” company he made in his bedroom as a 4th grader in elementary school:

(Original logo of Zedomax Max drew at age 9 in 1989.)

Max has kept this logo for over 20 years, waiting until the day it would come back as this blog you see now.

Ironically, Max made money as a 9 year old selling Cable Descrambler Circuits on Prodigy.  (before the internet)  Perhaps, that’s how Max got the start for this blog, which is a free information portal for DIYs and HOWTO articles.

Max is a smartphone addict, owns over 30+ Android devices.

If you want to learn what kind of web server this site runs on (Nginx), you can also check out Web Server Hacks blog here.




2 Responses to About

  1. carington says:

    Max, is there any way to mount 2 external sd cards to note 10.1….1 thru extsd slot, and one thru the sd card reader for tab10? I basically wanto to copy sd cards without dumping data to internal then to ext sd…I saw your otg video but have yet to see anyone trying to dupe sd cards by mounting 2 external sds at once on n10.1.

  2. Dereck Luckey says:

    max I am trying to enter the s4 giveaway but the site keeps telling me my email address is invalid! What do I do? Please help!!!

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