iMac Hack – iMac G4 Hacked into a 17″ Touchscreen Monitor!

For those of you who want to recycle you iMac G4 into a swivel 17-inch touchscreen monitor, take a look at how this guy did it.

I actually get to write this post from my completed mod!!!! (Well from my laptop cloned to my monitor, but close enough). I think it came out great. The image is clear and bright. The touch screen adds some weight, but there is no significant “monitor drift”. It took a while to get the touch screen working and calibrated, but it works fantastically. In most situations I think touch screens on desktops make little sense, but for the G4, the ability to grab the screen move it towards you and tilt it up makes it extremely fun and useful. It’s not multitouch, but that’s OK.


via gizmodo

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