Circuit Hack – How to Make a Functional Keyboard Out of Paper and Aluminum Foil! [WOW]

I’ve been using commercial keyboards for all of my hacking life and I have to say when I first saw this functional keyboard made from paper and aluminum foil, I was IMPRESSED!

Nevermind how much money you can save but think about the customizations you can do.  You could probably even make a full QWERTY keyboard if you wanted to.

Anyways, great instructable, highly recommended for those of you Arduino/other microcontroller modders to take a looky here.

The really cool thing about this instructable is you probably already have all the things you need to build this in your house! Yes when I say that this is a simple, cheap, effective way of making a keypad I mean that it is simple and cheap. For this instructable you will need:

Aluminum Foil (tin foil… some sort of foil) *foil tape works well also
Some sort of paper or flat material (what you choose here will effect the durability. I’m using a dry erase pad for my fridge)
glue (unless you’re using foil tape)
and a spacer of some sort (a few layers of paper with holes cut in them may work I’m using double sided sticky foam pads)

3 Responses to Circuit Hack – How to Make a Functional Keyboard Out of Paper and Aluminum Foil! [WOW]

  1. Anonymous says:

    link is 404 =(

  2. vik says:

    link is 404 =(

  3. max says:

    Thanks, I posted this last night when I was really tired. Call it Saturday “tiredness” from overworking, fixed it now! 🙂

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