Mattress Hack – How to Cut a Spring Mattress and Convert it into a Sofa!

For years, consumers have been throwing away their mattresses simply because there’s no plausible way they can see it re-usable due to its rather large sizes.  But couple people in the world have been “hacking” old mattresses into new couches and sofas.

Here’s a great instructable that someone posted showing you exactly how to cut a spring mattress, sew it up, and convert it into a fashionable sofa.

You know what I wish, I wish there’s a company who would recycle all spring mattresses in the world and hack them to make sofas.  Now, that’d be some great business, someone go start a company and make a billion dollars please.

The overall plan is to cut out a middle section of both the mattress and the box springs leaving two ends for each of the same size. Then closing up the ends and sewing covers for them out of canvas and upholstery fabric. The basic idea is pretty simple but it is a bit of work and requires both a Dremel tool (or something to cut the metal springs) and a sewing machine.

via mattress blog

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