Arduino Hack – How to Overclock Arduino!

For those of you trying to take it to the limits with your Arduino project (and the default  speed of your Arduino chip is too slow), you might want to consider overclocking your Arduino.

Talking about Open Source Hardware theory, economics, and strategy so much recently is making my head explode with ideas, so I figured it was time for a gratuitous display of silly engineering. And with that, I’m quite pleased to present the world’s first overclocked, liquid cooled Arduino 🙂
The demo shown here overclocks Arduino from its default 16Mhz to 32Mhz by submerging Arduino board under non-conductive coolant.

Of course, the author says it’s not possible to program the Arduino when its overclocked but some people are suggesting simple bandwdth change should do the trick.  (which makes sense in theory and should work no problem)

For those of you who can’t get of enough Arduino overclocking, there’s also Amanduino, which is basically Arduino overclocked to 24Mhz.

Check out the video of Arduino being dumped in some coolant liquid, doesn’t it make you tingle?


via hackaday

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