128GB Compact Flash Announced by Silicon-Power!


While I am still playing with what seems my “measly” 16GB compact flash card, Silicon Power just announced that 128GB compact flash with 400x (or about 60Mb/s).  That on-par with the industry’s leading 60Mb/s from Sandisk.  (Btw, Sandisk largest CF unit is currently the 32GB, compared to that, this is WHOPPING LARGE CF!)

This means that my Canon EOS 7D128gb currently getting 30 minutes 1080P HD video with 16GB will easily get 4 hours with the new 128GB.  AWESOME, I want one, perhaps they will send me a sample to try out?  That’d be nice.

Silicon Power’s 400X 128GB CF card supports PIO Mode-6 and Multi-Word DMA 4 transfer mode in quad-channel configuration. It is faster and more table for professional photography applications to capture data in fractions of a second. The 128GB of storage space allows photographer to snap away high definition photos at will and not have to worry about running out of storage space or swapping in an additional card. It also comes with Error Correction Code (ECC) functionality for data accuracy and it utilizes Wear Leveling technology to prolong the product lifespan. In turn, it ensures maximum performance and lifespan potential of the CF card and your product. 100% green, it is in compliance with European RoHS directive and comes with a Lifetime warranty.

via ohgizmo, Press Release

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