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Paradigm Shift Color E-Readers!


While color powerless LCDs are still nowhere to be seen (obviously because that technology still has a long ways to go), Paradigm Shift intros color e-readers with low-voltage LCDs that could temporarily satisfy your early-adaptor fix.

Delstar will be releasing the products soon meaning this could end up in your retail stores.

Press Release:

Paradigm Shift Sourcing and Manufacturing Co. LTD Bows 5″ and 7″ Color E-Book Reader Series

CES 2010 January 7th, 2010: Las Vegas, Nevada: Paradigm Shift

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Cellular Hack – How to Hack GSM!


Well, it seems like someone has broken the GSM’s deciphering code, specifically A5/1.

According to Wikipedia:

A5/1 is a stream cipher used to provide over-the-air communication privacy in the GSM cellular telephone standard. It was initially kept secret, but became public knowledge through leaks and reverse engineering. A number of serious weaknesses in the cipher have been identified.

Well, I guess that’s no more, it’s

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Spy Gadget Review – Car Key Remote Camera!


You might have seen plenty of Spy Camera Pens and perhaps a better disguised spy camera could possibly this Car Remote Camera.  It certainly ain’t the flawless 1080P HD videos you enjoy with your blu-ray disc player and HDTV but this could be the best possible spy camera you can carry around.

The best part about this

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DIY Animated Optical Illusions! [MAGIC]


Check out some of these great DIY animated optical illusions.  What can I say, this could be the future of handheld powerless LCDs.



via make, laughingsquid

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Build Your Own PC Race for Charity at CES 2010!

I guess a lot tech bloggers and journalists will be at CES 2010 participating in the charity contest, “Build Your Own PC”.  Darn, I would have entered if I knew but heck, perhaps I might go there to video tape the event perhaps.  Seems like a lot of fun!

MIAMI, Fla. – December 30, 2009 – Systemax, Intel and CA are teaming up at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show for the 13th Annual Build Your Own PC Race for Charity.  This event has helped raise nearly $2.5 million for charities around the country.  This

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World’s Largest Man-made Crater!


I guess Sudan nuclear testing done in Nevada in the 60s is still the world’s largest man-made crater.  Not sure if it’s even a smart idea to go there now due to all that radioactive stuff but you can at least enjoy some photos from there.  God, people were dumb back in the 60s, shooting nuclear weapons in-land without knowing the consequences.  I am sure you can find some radioactive plants and animals t

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PC Hack – How to Build a Cheap PC for $131!


With the invent of Intel Atom processors, building a cheap PC is now possible for under $150.  Gizmodo has a great article showing you different ways you can build a PC on the cheap including the above tallying at $131.

Of course, I think the point of building your PC is so you maximize your budget, I would probably not build a PC myself unless I use the best CPU and parts.

Also see the post on building a gaming PC, a lot more fun.

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Restaurant DIY – How to Make Your Own DIY Restaurant!


One of my favorite DIY sites, instructables, has a great guide on how to make your own DIY restaurant, all using various different instructable DIYS to make it.  One of my closest friends opened a restaurant and failed big time couple years back, I wish he had read this instructable!

1. The Instructables Restaurant comes with full instructions for everything. In most restaurants you get to buy and enjoy the food, and sometimes even the furniture. But in the Instructables Restaurant you go home knowing how to make the food as well as the furniture. We give you the instruction

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Why Poop is Brown…


You’ve probably wondered why normal poop is brown, well, here’s the answer:

“Bile comes from your gall bladder and helps your body digest food,” said Anish Sheth, M.D., assistant professor at Yale Medical School and author of the book What’s Your Poo Telling You? “It’s metabolized by the bacteria in your large intestine, leaving behind a byproduct called stercobi

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