DIY HACK – How to increase your internet speed

Cool…hack comcast now!

I found an article at, which suggested moving the router away from the modem, and that line noise can cause significant slowdowns. I didn’t really believe this would work, but I decided to try it.

So I moved everything apart from each other. I moved my router up to the highest level I could, tucked away between some floorboards on the level above. I then moved my cable modem 2-levels down, also tucked between 2 wall joints. I then moved my VOIP box away from all the rest. I went and tested the connection on Broadband Reports. What do you know? All the sudden I was showing 6.6 Mb/s down with 360 Mb/s up! I now officially get more than I’m paying for!

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12 Responses to DIY HACK – How to increase your internet speed

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  2. me says:

    This is a stupidiest thing i’ve ever heard

  3. Izl says:

    my router\modem is in the same thing :S

  4. girrrrrrr2 says:

    i will do this later…

  5. Siju George says:

    Hmmm keeping away the modem and router for increasing Internet speed. I don’t think it will work. The only advantage I am seeing is if the router and the modem has wireless capability,it may reduce the interference.

    To gain more speed I suggest you to install any tweaking program on your computer. I recomend you to have a look on the link given below.

  6. Jack says:

    It works, increases my down load speed from 1.37M to 1.92M. Thanks.

  7. Jack says:

    Note: this comment is for Siju George. optimize TCP.

  8. Siju George says:

    I am happy to see, this helped you.

  9. uzib says:

    Thank you! I gained 4Mb/s. Yes, there is plenty of noise. Here are my numbers:

    Condition Ping Download Upload
    Close proximity 19 15.65 3.98
    Separated by wood+ 1ft elevation 17 19.96 3.83

  10. juned says:

    please send me how to increase my dial-up connection speed.

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