Hurom Slow Juicer Review! [Best Juicer]

If you want to get healthier and detoxify your body, you might just want to get a juicer so you can absorb more vitamins from pure natural and organic ingredients.

Now, there are lots of juicers on the market right now but none better than the Hurom slow juicer in my experience and opinion.   This juicer was actually recommended to me by my mom who has can

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How to Make a DIY Solar Panel System!


Couple weeks ago my motorcycle battery died and I was researching in ways to recycle it. So, I figured to make a small DIY solar panel system with a 5-watt solar panel to power some of my outdoor lights.

Well, it turns out my motorcycle battery is way too small to power my rope LED lights in my outdoor tent as it is designed for starting motorcycle, not for powering lights on for a long time.

I used to have these cheap solar lights between my neighbor’s house and mine where it gets shady too much and they don’t work well. Plus these solar lights rea

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Sennheiser EW122PG3 Wireless Lavalier Microphone Unboxing and Review!


I have been using Rode SVM Stereo microphone over a year now and it has been working very well for me. (You can see an example here of it working and also most of my videos taken on my YouTube channel is with Rode, see also example of it used in my Galaxy S4 unboxing video.)

But I’ve always wanted to get a wireless microphone since it made sens

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Galaxy S4 vs. HTC One! [Specs FIGHT!]


Can’t decide between Galaxy S4 and HTC One?

Well, let’s look at both phones from just looking at the specs and see which one is better.

For size, Galaxy S4 comes at 136.6 x 69.8 x x 7.9mm vs. HTC One’s 137.4 x 68.2 x 9.3mm. Both phones are similar size but Galaxy S4 is much thinner. – Winner Galaxy S4

For weight, Galaxy S4 weights 130 grams while HTC One weighs 143 grams, Galaxy S4 is also much lighter. – Winner Galaxy S4

For CPU, both Galaxy S4(U.S. version) and HTC One use Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor, Galaxy S4 clocke

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AT&T Galaxy S4 Arriving April 25th!


For those of you waiting eagerly for the next big thing (or the Galaxy S4), AT&T has just sent me an e-mail that customers who’ve pre-ordered their S4 will be receiving them promptly on 25th.

Of course, you will also be able pick one up at any official AT&T retail store also starting the 27th but be early as there will be a limited supply. (I suggest show up when the store opens if you want to guarantee yourself one.)

As for other carriers, T-Mobile will also be starting online sale on the 24th (meaning you will have to wait for couple days for shipping)

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Galaxy S4 Scratch Test!


For those of you wondering how Galaxy S4 screen fairs, here’s a video of a Galaxy S4 screen test using knives, keys, and pennies.

The Galaxy S4 does come with the latest Gorilla Glass 3, which is 3 times stronger than Gorilla Glass 2 (used on S3 and Note 2) and also supposedly gets 40% less scratches.

via sammobile

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I just Survived an Airplane Crash!

I still remember very vividly. Recently I was headed from somewhere in Arizona to San Francisco on flight 824. As usual, the flight was pretty darn boring, and life was same as usual.

Then suddenly, nearing our destination in San Francisco, the airplane started free-falling. I thought it would stop but no, the free-fall just kept getting worse for what felt like 20 minutes.

Even worse, I could feel the plane’s nose slowly turning towards earth, which made me think that it’s impossible at this point for the airplane to correct itself.

One of the doors on t

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DIY QuadroCopter Built with Arduino and Wii Motion Plus!

Officially (or unofficially), RC helicopters are DEAD as we know it but quadrocopters are become ever more popular.  For those of you who’s thinking about building yourself one, you might want to take a look at this particular setup using Arduino and Wii Motion Plus.

The project uses Wii Motion Plus coupled with I2C communication to Arduino unit to make use of the gyroscopes inside and also save a bunch of money on the setup.

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Windows 8 Boots Up INSTANTLY!

Here’s a cool video of new Windows 8 that boots up instantly from a complete cold start after putting the battery out and in.

Let me just add that I literally went on a rampage about how Windows Vista sucked (and it did big time) but I have to give Microsoft some props on Windows 7 (which I love) and I think Windows 8 will be another great products too, keep up the good work guys.

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How Do Hummingbirds Sing With Their Tails?

Here’s a cool fact I just found out, I guess hummingbirds sing with their tails, by moving their tail feathers during a dive. This is amazing, I see hummingbirds all the time here in SF bay and now there’s just one more thing about hummingbirds I can appreciate.

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